Thursday, October 30
2 PM – 3 PM EDT

Do you feel comfortable that your data will not be leaked or lost? Are you comfortable that your data will not be turned over to outside authorities without your prior knowledge and approval?

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why your data is likely to be more secure in a cloud services provider’s facility than in your own data center.
  • How to address the fear and lack of trust with good policy, quality control and correct application architecture and design.

Don’t be a slave to fear. Take a calm and realistic look at how your organization should use the cloud.


Business Anywhere

Mobilize Your Business with Nintex

Friday, October 3, 2014

2 PM – 3 PM EDT


The quickest return on investment when it comes to SharePoint projects is business process automation. During this presentation, TCSC will cover how Workflow and Mobile enabled forms have provided measurable efficiency gains for many business units. We will showcase how mobile devices and simple drag and drop user interfaces can be used to create extremely powerful workflows and forms on any device.




Internet Explorer 8 users and the light version of Outlook Web App

Starting June 30, 2014, Internet Explorer 8 will support only the light version of Outlook Web App. Changes will take effect during the weeks following June 30th.

If your organization uses Internet Explorer 8 to access older web apps and services, you might want to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 and try Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11. Enterprise Mode helps provide better backward compatibility for older web apps.

For more information I encourage you to visit our web browser guidance at the “Office 365 System Requirements” website by going here.


Sentiment Analysis

how's your brand

Sentiment Analysis Webinar

Thu, Jun 19, 2014 

2 PM – 3 PM EDT


Many organizations have come to realize that social media sites can provide a wealth of information related to how customers and others perceive their products and brands. In this webinar, we will explore an example strategy using technology to mine the mass amounts of data available to show you how to take advantage of this market intelligence. In what has become a billion dollar field, the value that text analytics delivers to a spectrum of industries, including life sciences and healthcare, marketing, market research and customer experience, government and security, and media + publishing is astonishing.  But the power of this intelligence isn’t limited to large organizations with endless budgets. In fact, we will walk you through an example using tools that are already accessible to you.


If you cannot attend the live event, register to receive the recording and special offering

Join the #CollabTalk on May 29

I will be a panelist for the May #CollabTalk TweetJam where we will be tackling a hot topic in the SharePoint industry, “What It Takes to Get Hybrid SharePoint Right.”

Christian Buckley is heading up the session and you can find out complete details here. He does a great job explaining what a TweetJam is:

“If you’re new to the tweetjam model, basically its an hour-long public conversation held on Twitter and using a shared hash tag, which is #CollabTalk. You can use your Twitter platform of choice OR go over to http://twubs.com/CollabTalk which automatically appends each message with #CollabTalk, and has a nice feature that allows followers to actually slow the dialog down to a readable speed (it can fly by fairly quickly).”

Join us for what should be a very informative and interactive event!