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Enterprise Apps + Dev

enterprise There are many who can put together an application, but there are few who can create an enterprise-level architecture that can withstand the test of time. A system that you can build upon, expand upon, and grow your business on. We have the blueprints. We have the people. Let us build something for you.



collaboration Microsoft SharePoint is the fastest selling product in Microsoft’s history, and with good reason. Organizations adopt SharePoint because it is the one product that can solve numerous business problems. Leveraging TCSC’s certified and trained experts is the best way to quickly get launched into SharePoint technologies and maximize their time and return on investment.


Business Intelligence

BI Unlock the potential of your raw data. Make fiscally critical decisions with certainty. Structure your information into a single source customized for your business needs. Imagine having faster, more reliable, managed data to mitigate costly problems and risks–all simplified to guarantee easy end user access with our highly functional interfaces.


Managed Services

ms You would much rather focus on creating positive business outcomes than managing the applications that help business get done. The truth is maximizing the value of your existing applications can be a  challenge. Let our experts take the wheel. Learn about how our experts can help you maximize your technology investments, increase productivity and provide you with peace of mind.



cloud Real world solutions to real world problems. Cloud solutions are increasingly being embraced as an effective way to balance competing IT demands. Whether you need on-demand scalability, technology to connect your people, real-time data insights, or just more effective IT cost management, we can architect and deliver solutions that help you manage today’s very real world problems with tomorrow’s technology.


Valuable Options

other Every organization faces its’ own unique demands and challenges. We offer many services tailored to fit your needs. Find out more about how our unique services can enhance your business.



TCSC helps organizations capture, manage, secure and deliver information to meet strategic goals and objectives. Leveraging your existing technology investments, we architect and deploy open, flexible solutions.

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